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In 1883, at a desert outpost in French Equatorial Africa, Dr. Gustave H. Michel, a young doctor in the Foreign Legion, had a serious problem.  French officers could not be shipped back to France for burial because the blistering heat was causing his embalmings to fail. Because none of the available embalming fluids were effective, Dr. Michel formulated a new fluid that combined alcohol-based chemicals with other innovative ingredients.  Dr. Michel named the product Regina.  An ardent student of anatomy, Dr. Michel also found the fluid was ideal for preserving human bodies for his anatomical studies.


After Dr. Michel left the Foreign Legion, he married and moved to Cleveland.  As more and more funeral directors learned of Dr. Michel's remarkable fluid, he was sought out for his ground-breaking discovery.  Demand was so great that  Dr. Michel stopped practicing medicine.  In 1902 he founded the Dr. G.H. Michel Company in Cleveland, Ohio to produce Regina and his famous anatomical charts.

Today, well over 100 years later, Dr. Michel's company is still serving the funeral industry with quality products and superior service. His legacy is carried on through our work. Our company is family owned and locally operated right here in the USA.

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