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With an effective anti-bacterial combination of glyoxalaldehyde and formaldehyde, GLYOX Cavity Fluid is excellent for all cavity work and ideal for posted cases.  It has no acrid odor and does not stain skin.  Because GLYOX Cavity Fluid is fumeless, it is also ideal if you're concerned about exposure to formaldehyde fumes.

GLYOX Fumeless Cavity Fluid

  • Per Case (24 Pint Bottles)

  • This product along with our other Fluid Products can be mixed and matched by case at a discounted rate.  At checkout, calculate total cases of combined products and enter corresponding coupon code:  


    Total Coupon Code
    3 Cases    CASE3
    4 Cases    CASE4
    5 Cases    CASE5
    6 Cases    CASE6
    7 Cases    CASE7
    8 Cases    CASE8
    9 Cases    CASE9
    10 Cases    CASE10
    11 Cases    CASE11
    12 Cases    CASE12
    13 Cases    CASE13
    14 Cases    CASE14
    15 Cases    CASE15
    16 Cases    CASE16
    17 Cases    CASE17
    18 Cases    CASE18
    19 Cases    CASE19
    20 Cases    CASE20
    21 Cases    CASE21
    22 Cases    CASE22
    23 Cases    CASE23
    24 Cases    CASE24
    25 Cases    CASE25       
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