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MICO-TEX Embalming Powder is more powerful option than our Hardening Compound. Mico-Tex Embalming Powder is highly germicidal and disinfecting and preserves tissues with vapors from the outer surface in.  Because the embalming is slow, the area must be sealed to allow the hemical fumes to do the job.  It also contains a fungicidal agent, which inhibits mold growth.

With its strong disinfectant and fungicidal agents, MICO-TEX Embalming Powder is excellent for mutilated areas, ulcers, cancers, gangrene, severely burned cases, and floaters.

MICO-TEX Embalming Powder

  • Per Each

    Per Case 1lb Bottle (12 Bottles per Case) 

    Per Case 2 lb Bottles (9 Bottles per Case)

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