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The original Dr. Michel product, REGINA Arterial Fluid was the first soft fluid on the market.  Regina Arterial Fluid is also the only soft fluid with over 100 years of proven results by leading embalmers.


This is one of the finest fluids available because it contains non-astringent preservatives and only a small amount of formalin so skin does not become leathery and dehydrated.  Due to its non-astringent properties, this product permits free and open drainage, gives high penetration and saturates completely.


REGINA Arterial Fluid can be used as a co-injection with stronger arterial fluids (See "Associate Injection" below) or used alone for babies, children and the elderly.  It is highly recommended for jaundice cases and people with delicate skin texture.


Made from the purest chemicals, you can depend on REGINA Arterial fluid to provide soft, life-like results in any climate, under any conditions.

REGINA Arterial Fluid

  • Per Case (24 Pint Bottles)

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