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TISS-U-FILL Co-Injection Fluid is designed for emaciated cases.                 


It contains a conditioner and humectant that returns moisture to dehydrated tissue.  This product is one of our best sellers because of the way it fills dehydrated tissue and aids in the restoration of the natural contours of the face, neck and arms.  Used as a wet pack, it softens and revitalizes exceptionally dry skin.  When used with harsh arterial chemicals, TISS-U-FILL Co-Injection Fluid acts as a modifying agent and retards continued formalin action that can cause parched lips.


TISS-U-FILL Co-Injection Fluid also promotes drainage and leaves a thin, water-resistant coating on the inside walls of capillaries, veins and arteries that prevents moisture evaporation.  It mixes well and stays in solution with any quality arterial fluid.

TISS-U-FILL Co-Injection Fluid

  • Per Case (24 Pint Bottles)

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